Does a technician have to come to my premises to install Toogo and then again to update it?

Everything is online (using Cloud Computing) so there is no need for onsite installation or maintenance, there are no problems with viruses, no conflicts with other applications, no incompatibility issues due to your operating system; Toogo is available wherever you go.

Can more than one person work on the database at any one time?

And we would even go so far as to say “of course”. All the users at your company can work on the database at the same time and certain actions even save a “trace” of the authors so as to know who did what. This is one of the benefits of multiuser functioning.

More information on the functioning of Toogo

Database management systems work well when the database is correctly entered, but that takes forever and always makes you want to tear your hair out.Is Toogo the same?

Filling out the database is a necessary step but this applies for each and every one of the systems of this kind. You do not get something for nothing…The duration of this phase depends on the size of your company: the more suppliers you have, the more products you offer; the more destinations you operate, the more languages you use to communicate with your suppliers and your clients…and the longer the process will be.The duration also depends to a great extent on your involvement in the process and the resources that you allocate to it. It is therefore difficult to answer this question precisely.The most important thing to bear in mind is not the time that you will “lose” setting parameters and entering data in Toogo, rather the time that you will save when this process is finished: 30 to 35 % for a destination consultant, a bookings manager or the head of logistics.The return on the “time” invested is just a few months and the advantages are multiple: an easier workload, less stress, greater efficiency…for all of your team.


For more information on the delay in setting up Toogo

I am a small DMC or an agency just starting up; is Toogo suitable for me?

Equipping yourself with a management tool in the first stages of company development assures good organization as the rhythm picks up and lays down firm foundations for the future. Our clients are companies of all sizes, from two to several dozen employees.

See the list of professionals who are using Toogo

I am a DMC network with several operations centers; is Toogo suitable for me?

This was one of the requirements for the creators of Toogo: to create a tool that allows for working on a network and from a distance, mainly in order to facilitate communications between receptive operators or operations centers carrying out combined trips.Toogo allows them to easily create shared and consistent travel documents (technical info sheets, travel books, pricing lists…) and makes intra-agency communications easier with a view to achieving perfect coordination of bookings and operations.

In the end support often costs more than the application itself; is this the case with Toogo?

Consider several scenarios:

  • A small problem; a practical, user-oriented issue; a minor bug…
    > send an email, make a call: everything is done online, we take a look at the problem and respond as quickly as possible, at no cost.
  • A bigger problem; your new salesperson has erased all of your data
    > if the technicians have to work on the problem for more than an hour, you will be invoiced for the support, more information on prices.
    > if the problem was caused by Toogo, needless to say you will not be charged for support.
  • You have lots of questions but you do not like to have them resolved from a distance
    > a Toogo expert can be called out to your premises in order to train you onsite, more information on prices.
Everything seems possible with these apps at first and then as specific needs arise, no one is available to help or support costs a fortune.
Which is your position: a fortune or silence?

The Toogo project is constantly evolving, improving with every idea that is brought to the table regardless of where it comes from. All of your comments and suggestions are taken into account, studied and could in fact lead to changes in the application and/or the creation of new tools. Accepting participation does not mean that we will develop all of the functions required or wished for by our collaborators and clients as this could result in over participation and the creation of a complex and incoherent monster.If you inform us of very specific needs and wish to have a tool made available exclusively to you, we would be very happy to provide you with a quotation for its design and creation.

Are my data secured and confidential?

We of course work under a confidentiality clause and all the information gathered in your database will remain confidential; no other persons but you will have access to your data, not even the Toogo team. With regard to data security, we offer two options:

  • You host your own data, at your cost. Please note than in the case of technical problems, this implies greater difficulty when we must intervene from a distance and we will not be able to restore your database if you have not taken care to make backups on your server or if these are not functioning correctly.
  • We take care of everything from A to Z: hosting, maintenance and backups.
    For more information regarding services and prices.

Is there Toogo training or user manuals?

We will make complete and detailed documentation available to you that will not only allow you to get acquainted with the application, come to grips with it but also move step by step toward being ready to use Toogo: setting parameters, initial data entry, using the functions…We will also not just abandon you with these user manuals but are here to help and answer your questions.You can contact us via email or by telephone with any questions regarding the application, data entry or this or that tool.

We also offer onsite training: an expert travels to your premises, assists you with the implementation of the application and guides you through your first steps as a user.

If internet access is lost, do I lose everything?

Firstly, all of your data are saved in real-time so you do not lose any of your work. Secondly, as you know from past experience, internet failure does not last forever. Therefore, we suggest that you act as you usually would in this situation and just take things calmly.While you are waiting for access to be restored, have a coffee with your colleagues, call your clients who arrived yesterday to check on them, or go through the “misc.” folder that you created in “my documents”…

Is Toogo (also) a GDS?

Toogo is not connected to reservations platforms such as Galileo, Sabre, WorldSpan, or even Amadeus, and this is not its purpose. However, it does allow for the management of bookings that you send to your suppliers as well as provide a calendar of the services that you have assigned to your suppliers.

You can also easily manage all aspects of your supplier unavailability periods or even the allotments that you have been granted.

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; He who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.
Chinese proverb

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