Toogo has been designed to be as simple as possible to use:

  • It works from a computer connected to the internet.
  • No license is required.
  • No software needs to be installed.
  • Everything is done online using the Firefox navigator: remote access in real time.
  • Toogo mostly uses open-source technologies & languages: php, javascript, html.



100% SaaS: you let Toogonet manage your data

We commit ourselves by contract to :

  • host your data on our servers
  • guarantee the proper functioning of our servers
  • backup your data (see below)
  • guarantee the security of your data
  • guarantee the confidentiality of your data

SaaS 50 % : you manage your data yourself (consult us)

You have your own server, separate from the server that hosts Toogo, we do not have access to your data.
We cannot be held responsible in case of problem concerning

  • the hosting of your data
  • the proper functioning of your servers
  • the backup of your data
  • the security of your data
  • the confidentiality of your data

Data security

If you entrust us with the backup of your data, we offer you a triple level of backup.

daily backup on the main secure server in the United States: the last 30 are kept, each new backup overwrites the oldest.
weekly backup on a separate server (in our secure premises in Bolivia): the last 4 are kept, each new backup overwrites the oldest.
monthly backup manually performed by our Technical Director on DVD: all your data are kept in our secure premises.


The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.
Pablo Casals

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