Let’s cast our minds back to the last century, to not so long ago


Tourism was organized around partnerships made up of a tour operator and a DMC (Destination Management Company), in which the roles were very clearly distributed.
One took care of production, marketing and sales, negotiations with the airline companies.
The other managed the 4x4s, the tents and the cooks.
They communicated by fax, things were simple and seemed unchanging.

And then, hardly yesterday, the appearance of the internet shattered the established order of things.
The DMC found a new role, able now to establish direct links with travelers and to produce and commercialize independently.
The internet fitted in with new travel tendencies whilst also encouraging them.
Bespoke travel in particular, requires information, flexibility, and reactivity…everything that the receptive operator, in direct contact with the field, highly values.



After the emergence of platforms for mass commercialization of simple tourism products (plane tickets, nights at a hotel, car rental…), new players burst onto the scene aiming to tap into the ever-growing demand online mainly through large investments in referencing.

Each has a hundred destinations and approximately fifty products (modules and nights at hotels), that is to say a catalogue of 500 products that requires, in order to be collected and repackaged, an entire battalion of hands on deck.
It also only allows for “modular” tourism that invariably involves numerous email exchanges between the tour operator and DMC for the slightest change in the itinerary and at best 24 hours delay between the request and the response.

Let’s dream of tomorrow…


Everyone foresees it, is convinced of it: the future involves a precise, multipurpose tool.
A few already exist although they are either obsolete or incomplete (only sales or logistics are automated); none allows a great leap to be taken and copy/paste remains the order of the day.

Let us dream then, of a tool that integrates the whole production process.

A tool that allows complex bespoke trips comprising multimedia and multilingual trip sheets to be created almost instantaneously, sales and marketing to be managed via a CRM, and general management of bookings, payments, vouchers, travel books, finances and even the creation of websites.

A unique tool that allows all of this to be done automatically, 100 % online, changing the life of tourism professionals completely.

Tomorrow is here already


This tool exists; it is called TOOGO.
Fruit of an in-depth understanding of the needs of both receptive agents and tour operators and conceptualized by bespoke tourism professionals, it required 20 man-years of development using the latest open source technologies.

For destination management companies it constitutes the most innovative tool of our time.

Connect it to a distributor and a revolution occurs! Read more

They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.

Mark Twain

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