TOOGONET is a software engineering services company that is developing Toogo, a web application designed for receptive operators / DMCs, travel agencies and tour operators.

This SaaS solution includes: trip building, quotations, sales & marketing CRM, bookings & logistics, finances, CMS, document creation (information sheets & travel books, price lists, vouchers, invoices…).

Toogo also allows Tour Operators to connect to receptive agents using the 2.0 web platforms.

Its creation, after 20 man-years of development, is the fruit of the unusual combination of:

  • many years of experience in the tourism trade
  • a sound knowledge of this industry and its players
  • the optimization of open source web technologies

Designed by and for tourism professionals.

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our vision of bespoke tourism, part two

Reminder : our vision of bespoke tourism, part one


Toogo, the life changing all-in-one

Let us consider a TO that works at 70 destinations, with 70 different receptive operators (or “DMCs”).

20 of these are not equipped with Toogo.
Everything is done manually: trip sheet texts and photos in word-PDF, quotation calculations in Excel, opening Outlook, attaching a file, sending.

The 50 others are equipped with Toogo.
Everything is automated: instant creation of complete multimedia and interactive trip sheets, a check function, sending emails.
The DMC saves time, assures quality and reliability; the TO is pleased as it also shares in these benefits.

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Toogonexion, the exponential effect

Let us imagine now that the TO is also equipped with Toogo, as a hybrid version that

  • both stores the trips belonging to the 20 DMCs who work in the traditional way in classic format
  • and is connected with the 50 DMCs using Toogo.

We can estimate that each of the 50 DMCs has in its database approximately a thousand products:
nights at hotels, meals at restaurants, guide services, transport services, site entrance fees, excursions, etc…

By connecting to them, the TO then has 1.000 products x 50 receptive agents at its disposition, that is…
50.000 products

  • in several languages
  • each associated with a description, a cost, images and a geolocalization point all updated in real-time
  • available online in the TOs system
  • instantly, with no data-gathering or entry

An amazing treasure chest filled with Lego that the TO can piece together at will to create an infinity of trips.

An e-voyage 2.0 hyper network, helpful, powerful and in the spirit of the times.

Toogozone, the final flourish

To carry the idea through to the very end of its development, nothing remains but to put all of this online!

In Toogozone, an interactive and multimedia website, the user can then

  • select and assemble products at will
  • generate a trip sheet that is automatically associated with the corresponding quotation
  • print documents (travel book, trip sheet, voucher…) according to the templates chosen
  • add / edit as many elements and options as liked

In short, the user can construct a made-to-measure trip from A to Z from their computer.

Bespoke travel has never been so simple.

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry