100% SaaS: Toogonet is responsible for managing your data

We commit ourselves contractually to:

  • hosting your data on our servers
  • guaranteeing the good functioning of our servers
  • saving your data (see below)
  • guaranteeing the security of your data
  • guaranteeing the confidentiality of your data

Coming soon:

50% SaaS: you manage your data yourself

You have your own server available, separate from that on which Toogo is stored; we do not have access to your data.
We cannot be held responsible in case of problems regarding:

  • storing your data
  • the good functioning of your servers
  • saving your data
  • the security of your data
  • the confidentiality of your data


Data security

If you entrust us with the task of saving your data, we offer three level saving.

    • daily saves on the main server secured in the United States: the last 30 are kept; each new save deletes the oldest.
    • weekly saves on a different server (in our secured premises in Bolivia): the last 4 are kept; each new save deletes the oldest.
    • monthly saves on DVD carried out manually by our IT Manager: all of these are kept in our secured premises.
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